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The sacred cycles of life: Death and Resurrection

April 2021 is the month where the ceremonies and rituals of death and rebirth take place in different major religions. The original intention of these, was to help us ease the process of disintegration (death) of what we have outgrown so we can expand our consciousness and be reborn. Being reborn signified that there was a profound transformation in the way we perceived ourselves and life, and in the death of our old views and misunderstandings, we are able to see much more clearly the beauty in us and in all.

Puritan religions departed from this original intent and focused on the condition of sin, and the punishment of suffering and dying. These concepts were widely spread in the process of subjecting women (who held great power in their tribes recognized by their wisdom), and also to justify colonization (slavery).

As more people are departing from these puritan views, many have thrown the baby with the bathwater. Yet, how can we continue evolving if we don’t allow the disintegration of what we have outgrown?

At these propitious times of Aquarius, we are shifting back to the Feminine Power embodied in Nature, and us as we are Nature itself. Nature shows us that everything that is alive has its cycles, nothing remains the same. Cycles are about growth and transformation; in life we go through stages of evolution always following our innate call to grow. We go through many cycles mostly, unconscious to them happening. Every day is a cycle of death and resurrection as we go to sleep and wake up. Every week, month and year we go through cycles to help us return to our authentic essence and be all what we were called to be.

In this journey back to our power we can ask for help to powerful Sacred Guides, especially power animals as they hold the secrets of nature and her cycles. A powerful Guide Animal to help us enter consciously into the cycle of death and resurrection is The Snake as she teaches us how to shed the skin that we have outgrown.

Snakes shed their skin for three reasons: Because it does not fit anymore, or because it is too old and worn out, or to remove parasites that could harm her. When the snake is preparing to shed its skin, it begins to look sick, her color becomes bluish and her eyes are opaque and clouded because the new skin is covering her eyes. They can’t see well during this time, and to protect themselves they often find a place to hide until the process is complete. Snakes are very active in the shedding process and they rub against a rock or tree to help release and shed the old skin in order to make way for their new skin to be unveiled.

The process of shedding is uncomfortable to the snake yet, she surrenders and is an active participant in the process as she knows she is evolving and becoming greater. Life asks us that we surrender to our own cycles of transformation that involve dying to patterns of thought, feelings and actions that are in the way of the life we are called to live.

As a practice this month, take time as often as possible to meditate calling Snake to guide you in the surrender to releasing and shedding your old skin. In your meditation you can ask Snake the following questions:

  • What is clouded in my vision regarding this situation?

  • What is blinding me from seeing my abilities to change?

  • What discomforts am I avoiding that are blocking my growth?

  • What steps can I take to shed my old skin for the new one to emerge?

  • What needs to be released to let go of my old skin that is constricting me?

  • How can I activate the fire of desire to overcome my fears and resistance to change?

Write down whatever comes to your awareness and implement small new rituals (these are new patterns) to support the changes needed to complete your process of death and resurrection. I will be delighted to hear your experiences with these meditation practices and to be of support to you in this process. Please feel free to contact me.

With love,

Elizabeth Alanis



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