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Interview on MysticMag website


Elizabeth Alanis was interviewed by Katarina Todorovic for, the psychic and spirituality review site.  In this interview, Elizabeth delves into the profound impact of love on our personal fulfillment and shares her insights on how to heal the deep-seated wounds that often disrupt our sense of wholeness. She also focuses on the unique challenges women face in experiencing personal empowerment and fulfillment.


Read the interview here!

Elizabeth Alanis appears on Marie Mohler's Live Well Live Whole podcast

In Episode #62 of the Live Well Live Whole podcast series, Elizabeth Alanis joins Marie Mohler to discuss The 8 Characteristics of True Love. 

Spa Canada article on Shamanism features Love Into Wholeness


I was pleased to receive a very positive mention in this article, written by my friend Vivienne O'Keeffe. It also appeared on, the website for Canada's top spa magazine, Spa Canada. It says, in part:

“Shamanism was just too weird, I thought – too out there, too woo-woo to be deemed a legitimate spa offering. But then recent events in my life conspired to remind me of my long-standing friendship with professional and fully accredited psychotherapist Elizabeth Alanis, who also happens to practise the art of shamanism.

Because of those events – and because, like too many of us in the wellness business, I preach wellness but sometimes run around feeling exhausted – I needed help.

I needed a course-correction.

And what I experienced after only two sessions with Elizabeth changed my mind about shamanism.”

You can read the entire article here.

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