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Three years ago, I was released from my job as a Clinical Supervisor at NYU Langone School Behavioral Health Program. I received the notice as a shock. Despite COVID-19 hitting us and the closing of schools I had been a key element to rapidly convert our services to provide psychotherapy sessions online. I knew I had gone beyond and above to keep my team intact, the program running and our children and families receiving the much-needed services.

I listened to the different parts of me activated by this event. There was a very angry one wanting to roll her sleeves and give it a fight. There was another one feeling victimized and impotent. Another one frozen in fear. And among them all, there was this one who was happily yelling: Yes to Freedom! For years I had desired to leave this job and dedicate myself fully to my business. But “Love into Wholeness” was not yet breaking even. Each year I said to myself: Soon, but I have not the economic stability to do this yet.

And then I saw her, that part of me who prayed just 7 days before receiving this notice asking Great Spirit to remove anything from me that was in the way of my serving Life in the way She wanted me. This was the answer to that prayer and I knew it in my heart. I embraced each part of me that was in distress and I asked for guidance about my next steps. The only thing I knew with certainty was that I was not to look for the “safety” of another job. This was an opportunity for me to fly solo going in the direction that my heart truly desired.

I listened to the guidance of the Sacred Spirit Guides who gently continued closing doors and opening new ones. I trusted this guidance and moved to the most unexpected place, Houston Texas, to learn from a great teacher on the Medicine Wheels as my desire was to create a program to guide children through a series of initiations, gaining mastery of how to use their power of choice to manage the difficulties in their lives, their critical inner voices, and emotions. Within a year my teacher and I had created a program and a non-for-profit organization called “Clear Path” and we were sending out applications for the first cohort of children to come to our day camp.

Suddenly, unexpected events in my teacher’s life led her to move in a different direction leaving me with the sole responsibility to run both, the day camp and the organization. I entered a period of bewilderment; Had I made a mistake interpreting the guidance of Great Spirit and my Spirit Guides? I went into a much-needed Vision Quest and I realized that my work with children had ended at the time I was released from my job. My deepest desire was to work with women and the program I had created for children was a preparation to create my unique programs for women who have the deepest desire to live their life to the fullest and experience joyful delight in their relationships.

At my return from my vision quest, in conversation with my brother, he asked me what I was doing still in Texas if I was disintegrating “Clear Path.” I told him “I don’t know yet what is the next step about that but I want a place that I can call home.” He knew my desire was to live in nature and he had just bought a house in a beautiful place in North Carolina. He asked if I wanted to come and live there for a while to see if that could be home. I knew immediately that was the next step for me and I moved to North Carolina to find out that this is my promised land.

As I sit now at the porch of my home, sitting in acres of beautiful woods, preparing for a Sacred Ceremony I will hold during the weekend, on the third anniversary of the ending of a long chapter in my life, the end of holding a formal job, I feel so grateful to the Great Spirit that prepared this sacred journey for me and released me from the chains that held me in a place I did not want to be anymore, I am grateful to the Sacred Spirits that guided me, and I am grateful to each part of me who said yes to that sacred longing for a free and joyful life, who trusted the sacred guidance and kept taking the very next step.

As I close my eyes, I feel you sitting next to me and I want to ask you, what is your heart longing for? Would you pray to let go of what holds you back? Will you take the next step?

I would love to hear from you and assist you in your Vision Quest, schedule a free consultation call following this link:

It was a very important day in my life. I was with my beloved teacher Irma Star Spirit Turtle Woman, and my dear friend Leigh, preparing for a shamanic journey to meet the Sacred Spirits and learn my medicine name and my symbol. This is one of the most important steps for initiation as a shaman because your medicine name reveals your true nature, your unique medicine, that which heals. It is your gift to the world. Sometimes it is called your Dharma or Sacred Mission, depending on the tradition.

My teacher guided us in this shamanic journey during which Leigh met with my sacred guide spirits to receive from them my medicine name and symbol. I, in return, met with Leigh’s sacred guide spirits to receive her medicine name and symbol. We do this for each other rather than for ourselves to prevent our own egos from interfering with this sacred process.

Leigh and I returned from our journey and we each wrote on a piece of paper the medicine name and symbol that each other’s Sacred Guide Spirit had revealed to us. We handed the papers to our teacher so that our medicine name could be revealed for the first time during our initiation ceremony.

The day of our initiation arrived. Irma and many other shamans/curanderos welcomed us, the initiates, and our families. One by one, in turn, each initiate walked, our teacher in front of us, a family member or friend to our right and another to our left, and all the other shamans and initiates behind. As we walked around the circle we received the blessings of each cardinal direction, and our medicine name was pronounced for the first time by our teacher and repeated three times by the rest of the group.

When my turn came, my teacher voiced my medicine name: “K’an Coszcatl Zipactonal, Precious Jewel of Harmonic Light”. Then my name was repeated three times and my heart exploded with joy. In my name I found a confirmation of my essence, which I had known all along, but I had doubted it. Hearing my name also confirmed my journey and path because for me, the most important thing to do in life is create and sustain harmonic relationships, which form the base of a joyful, harmonic life.

In my life I have seen how relationships – with myself, with others or with the world – are part of a practice of attunement to create harmony. In an orchestra each musician brings the beauty of a different instrument, a different sound that adds beauty in a harmonious piece of music. In the same way, each of us has a special medicine, that has a specific tone or sound, and this is our gift to the world.

In our relationships, we listen to others’ voices, recognizing and valuing their medicine as much as ours, and we create a particular symphony with them that becomes our relationship. When there is disharmony in relationships, attuning our own instrument will help others to attune theirs, keeping our focus on the beautiful piece we want to create.

This is the work I have been doing and perfecting throughout my life. Healing and repairing my relationship with myself first, and then creating joyful, harmonious relationships with others and the world. My medicine name works for me as a mantra, chosen carefully to develop the qualities I want to embody.

I would like to invite you to try this. Choose a mantra that speaks of a quality you want to live in yourself. If you are calling for a specific quality, know that it is both your essence and your aspiration, or your being and becoming at the same time. Repeat this mantra in meditation until you feel it being your truest nature. There is no perfection, it is a choice to embody this quality every moment, a remembering until your nature just flows in any situation. This for me is blissful living and I envision this and more for you.

With love,

Elizabeth (K’an Coszcatl Zipactonal/Precious Jewel of Harmonic Light)

Elizabeth Alanis LCSW and Shamanic Practitioner &

Love Into Wholeness TM

invite you to a

Sacred Healing Circle:

What is Love?

An Exploration through the Medicine Wheel

When: Sunday, June 25th, 2023 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Where: Deer Thicket Sanctuary, NW Greensboro, NC

Exchange: $95.00

PayPal: (718) 501-4944

Please join me as I lead you in this sacred circle. In the circle, we will use the wisdom of the Tri-Therapeutic Integration into WholenessTM tools (Medicine Wheels, Shamanic Healing and Depth Psychology) to explore our unconscious beliefs about love. The process will help you gain clarity as you begin to notice patterns of behavior and attitude in our relationships. You will then be able to make different behavioral choices, bringing greater harmony to your relationships.

We will use the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel (The Restructuring Wheel) to explore our beliefs about love. These beliefs, integrated in early childhood and stored in the unconscious, can result in us recreating painful experiences in our relationships. By bringing these beliefs to consciousness you can release, heal and transform them. We will also travel on a Shamanic Journey to unveil your original wound in love, which you be able to heal with compassion and self-love.

Benefits of attending this Sacred Healing Circle

· Gain insight into your unconscious beliefs about love.

· Become aware of your own relational patterns that are creating conflict and division in your relationships.

· Experience healing in your original love wound.

· Feel ready to choose new beliefs and behaviors that will bring harmony to your relationships.

For questions about this event please contact Elizabeth Alanis at

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