September 8th was one of the most important days in my life. It was the day of the Sacred Initiation Ceremony when I was initiated as a Shamanic Practitioner. Standing here was the result of a long journey guided by a deep passion and commitment. Early in life, I felt the call to be a healer and I discovered my gifts to assist others’ healing, especially in the emotional area. That is why I became a psychotherapist. In this capacity, I frequently saw how emotional healing also alleviated physical ailments.

Embarking on Jungian psychology and spiritual studies, I became even more aware of the interrelatedness between all aspects of self: physical, emotional and spiritual. Furthermore, I knew in my heart that through spiritual alignment, all other aspects of self will regain balance, experiencing wholeness. A whole person is also deeply connected with everything in the world.

When I met my Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner Irma Star Spirit Turtle Woman, I knew that I had been guided to a most sacred path of healing: Shamanism. My teacher took me as her apprentice, and I embarked together with seven other students, in an intensive program where we learned to commune with Spirit, Nature and spirit guides, who provide guidance and solutions to any problem presented. In this journey, we became not healers, but the hollow bone through which Divine restores balance and health.

I have never felt more alive and grateful, for in doing the work of a Shamanic Practitioner I feel completely fulfilled.

Surrounded by Love, walking with my family around the Medicine Wheel to receive blessings from the Guardians of the Four Directions, Fire Keepers and our Teacher/Priestess

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Presenter: Elizabeth Alanis

MINKA brooklyn, 1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Sundays in 2019: 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

October 6th and 13th in Earth Room, 20th and 27th in Workshop Foyer

EXCHANGE: $30-$50 sliding scale per workshop. $ 100.00 for 4 workshops

Register: What You Think of Me is None of my Business

Elizabeth Alanis is conducting a series of workshops based on the wisdom of Premier Inspirational and Spiritual Teacher, Terry Cole-Whittaker and her book “What You Think of Me is None of My Business“.



During this session, we will explore the nature of power as the energy used to create everything that is in our lives. We will explore the dynamics of our co-creation both consciously and unconsciously. We will bring into consciousness the belief systems behind the unwanted situations in our lives. Gaining clarity in this process will help us make different choices that will bring us what we desire.



In this circle we will explore guilt as a primary way of control. We will explore the nature of our relationships, and the struggle in them when they are based in a sense of obligation and guilt. We will continue expanding our power to create the relationships and life we want by increasing our ability to take complete responsibility for ourselves and the life we desire.



During this circle we will focus our exploration on expanding our understanding of all our needs, and our beliefs about the source that will provide for them. Our exploration will pay particular attention to our thoughts, feelings and the actions we take in our attempts to have these needs met. Only by understanding these elements will we be able to transform our beliefs and our lives.



In this circle we will dive deeply into understanding how the pernicious belief in scarcity robs us of our peace, joy and the power to create the life we yearn for by distracting us with competition, jealousy, destruction of the other, and defending what we have. We will explore the roots of how we assimilated/developed these beliefs, having then the freedom to choose our own beliefs that will lead us to having the life we desire.

Register: What You Think of Me is None of my Business

Limited to 5 participants - small exclusive ceremony

Presenter: Elizabeth Alanis

Date: Sunday August 11th

Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Place: Small venue - to be announced

Exchange: $75.00

Register: phone (718) 501-4944

Purpose: Reclaim and embrace feminine power, access wisdom and healing

You are invited to be celebrated and honored at a Sacred Rite of Passage Ceremony. We will explore Divine Feminine Power and will be fully informed of our birthright: Divine Connection with Spirit, our bodies, and the power of Creation. This ceremony will give you the chance to consciously access wisdom and healing, experiencing the transformation of your being.

At the outcome of this ceremony you will experience full connection to your womanhood, feeling happily embodied and centered in your power. At this intimate event – for only 5 women – we will hold a sacred and safe space together. I would ask you to be punctual out of respect for the other ladies.

Background: Once upon a time, women knew their power because they were taught at a young age how to relate to their body's potential and about the beauty and powers of being a woman. A woman would be honored and celebrated with a rite of passage for each of her life events.

Traditional rites of passage were present in most ancient matriarchal cultures across the planet. As matriarchal cultures were eliminated and replaced by patriarchal ones, we women lost contact with our feminine power by assimilating into ourselves hate and fear towards the Sacred Feminine, a point of view enforced on us as a means of control.

The time has come for women to reclaim their lost power. Many woman trying to reclaim it have been sidetracked into owning only their masculine power. For millennia, the lies we have heard about our bodies and the power that resides in them, have translated into confusion and self-loathing. The first step in reclaiming our power is to explore the Divine Feminine Power, following which we can embrace it as our own.

Do contact me at (718) 501-4944 to register and if you have any questions.

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