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Spa Canada presenta a Love Into Wholeness en este artículo internacional sobre chamanismo


Tuve el placer de recibir una mención muy positiva en este artículo escrito por mi amiga Vivienne O'Keeffe. Este articulo también apareció en, el sitio web de la principal revista sobre los spas de Canadá. Esto es lo que Spa Canadá dice, en parte:

“Shamanism was just too weird, I thought – too out there, too woo-woo to be deemed a legitimate spa offering. But then recent events in my life conspired to remind me of my long-standing friendship with professional and fully accredited psychotherapist Elizabeth Alanis, who also happens to practise the art of shamanism.

Because of those events – and because, like too many of us in the wellness business, I preach wellness but sometimes run around feeling exhausted – I needed help.

I needed a course-correction.

And what I experienced after only two sessions with Elizabeth changed my mind about shamanism.”

Puedes leer el artículo completo aquì.

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