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Elizabeth Alanis
About Me

My entire life, I have been driven by the unrelenting desire to be authentically me and expand the box of what I was told was possible for me. 30 years ago, I began the return journey to my true sacred self, to claim the life my soul could not give up. The transformation on my journey was slow and often frustrating. During the first part of my journey, I bent myself to please others. In the second part, I engaged in battles, injuring myself and hurting relationships beyond repair. Then I realized the goodness of my power, that has always resided in me, and I need not fight for it as my power is Love. Most importantly, I learned to use every experience in my life, especially my wounds, shadow aspects, and challenges, as the catalysts for transformation.


As I journeyed towards wholeness, I developed expertise in treatments that really work. First, I tried psychotherapy as a patient, then as a psychotherapist.  I developed expertise in different schools of treatment as each one offers particular ways to address the dis-ease and challenges we experience in our lives. The wisdom I received from these treatments helped me expand my box tremendously yet, in some areas, I was still stuck. Left with unresolved issues deriving from generational, collective consciousness, and past lives’ imprints, I felt the need to integrate spirituality as a crucial element in my healing. Then I found the wisdom of the Medicine Wheels and Shamanic Healing as very powerful ways to return to wholeness.

As I began integrating these three healing modalities I created Tri- Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness™, a unique and completely individualized approach to assist my clients in the journey to love and integrate every part of themselves, resolve all the conflicts to be who they want to be, and experience the life their heart has always desired.


My formal education and postgraduate training includes a Bachelors in Psychology from City College of New York, Masters of Social Work from Fordham University School of Social Services, and certifications in The Voice Dialog Method, Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI), Psychoanalytic training at The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies of New York, CBT training with special focus on Trauma and other Disruptive Behaviors Disorders provided by the New York State Office of Mental Health in partnership with Columbia University, Structural Family Therapy by the Minuchin Institute, Postgraduate Certificates in Jungian Psychology by The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Conscious Uncoupling coaching training by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Rounding out my education for spiritual living and as a holistic practitioner, I was initiated as a shamanic practitioner and I am mentored by Irma Star Spirit co-founder of the Shamanic Fire Reiki. I am a student of the Mayan ancient body of Earth Wisdom teachings known as “The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge” and I am personally mentored by Pele Rouge Chadima and FireHawk Hulin, co-founders of Timeless Earth Wisdom. Personally, coached by Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker for over twenty years, I have conducted freedom seminars following the teachings in What You Think of Me is None of My Business, and together with Dr. Terry, I wrote a Spanish version of this book.


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