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Sacred Circles


A sacred circle is a group of individuals coming together, linked by a shared intention or objective. When optimally prepared and guided, circles have a profound healing ability. They can help elevate our consciousness by tapping into and sharing the tremendous power and wisdom each one of us possess. As we embark on our work towards wholeness and self-empowerment within these sacred circles, we are supported by the understanding, courage and wisdom of like-minded and like-hearted people.

Wholeness and Empowerment Circles: These are specially designed circles to develop authentic self-love and happiness by gradually working on areas such as:

  • Getting to intimately know parts of self that we have disowned

  • Increasing awareness of how this disowning impacts our day-to-day lives

  • Integrating all parts of self to become whole again.

  • Recognizing the life affirming, wise and powerful parts of us that can help us make the changes we desire

  • Learning how to use these wise parts of us to live in alignment with our purpose, be all that we can be, and contribute to the world with our gifts.


One-day Wholeness and Empowerment Circles: Offered at this time only in Greensboro, NC. Listening to and embracing all the parts of you. The gift of feelings. Transforming your concepts of self-power. Connecting with your life’s passion. Monthly manifesting your desire circle.

Three-day Wholeness and Empowerment Circles: Offered at: Greensboro, NC or Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada. Re-encountering the disowned parts of you. Reconnecting with your power. Forgiveness and healing. Releasing the unconscious beliefs about love working against your highest good.

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