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What others are saying about Elizabeth


“Elizabeth helped me navigate a very difficult phase in my life. When my marriage of 28 years

was ending, she guided me into a healthy mourning that led me to see how I had abandoned

myself in an attempt to avoid being abandoned! Since the first session, I felt Elizabeth’s love

and empathy. I felt supported and guided in the sacred work to recover my essence, my voice

and create a life of peace and joy.”
Celeste T


“Working with you has been the most liberating experience of my life! I spent half of my life in a

cage believing my mother had the key and will never open the door for me. You helped me cut

the cords OF MY OWN HOLDING! This opened so much space in me to invite the new. I can’t

believe that in less than a year I moved to a new city, I love my new job and I am giving myself a

long vacation in Hawaii. This would not have been possible if I had not invested on myself

entering your 12-month transformational program. Thank you, Elizabeth.” 
– Andrea B


”My deepest gratitude Elizabeth, for lovingly guiding me in this sacred journey to love myself.

You helped me no only to face the truth I did not want to see. You helped me stand in the power

of my heart and lovingly uncouple from my husband. But the most important thing is, that I

uncoupled from my history of pain and submission. I uncoupled from a lifetime of self-

abandonment and recreating situations of abuse and neglect. I uncoupled from the beliefs of my

culture that kept me captive. I uncoupled from pain.”

– Merle N


“When I met Elizabeth attending one of her ceremonies, I was touched by her genuine care and

desire to understand me. I signed for her 12-month program. In her shamanic healing sessions,

we worked to heal my family and ancestral patterns that kept me stuck. Breaking free from

these patterns helped me release the guilt of asking for what I need and say no when it’s the

best for me. This has transformed my relationships with my family, friends and at work. I am

showing up authentically and I feel free and happy.”

– Wendy V


“Elizabeth, thank you for the loving and masterful way you guided me throughout the 12-month

transformational program. You went beyond what I expected demonstrating you deep 

knowledge and experience as a therapist and shamanic healer. I was deeply touched by the

depth of your commitment to me and my healing. Of the many practices and ceremonies, the

soul retrieval ceremony had the most profound and metamorphic effect on my life. I am eternally

grateful to your helping me find my inner power and zest for life again.”

Maria V


“Dear Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you for the healing ceremony last Thursday, very powerful! As

you said, I continue feeling energies shifting and a couple of days later I felt a stronger sense of

joy, lightness and wellbeing.”

– Beth S


“Dear Elizabeth: I have been feeling a lot more positive and less anxious about life since our last

session. I can’t believe how different I am feeling after just one month in the program. I am really

grateful for everything you have done.”
– Stephanie F

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