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1.- What is shamanism?


Shamanism is the primordial spiritual wisdom of all the original tribes around the world. It is a way of life centered on our connection with nature and all creation that manifests in harmony within, in all aspects of our life, and with all of creation. 

The deep spiritual wisdom of shamanism derives from the simple truths of nature. In shamanism, all of creation has a spirit and is sacred. A deep connection with nature is cultivated at all times through observation, direct experience and shamanic practices such as ceremony.

2.- What is a shaman?

A Shaman is a person who assists others to heal, by mediating between the visible (physical) and the invisible (spiritual) worlds through ceremony, to restore balance and alignment within (body, mind, spirit) and with all creation. A shaman understands that balance and alignment within and with all, is what creates our reality. When unbalances or misalignment manifest as illness – physical, mental and in relationships - or blockages preventing movement in the desired direction, the shaman mediates for individuals and communities to clear energetic blocks and to heal. 

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