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Experiencing profound joy in all your relationships

A 6-month Private One-on-One Program with Elizabeth

After a full assessment with Elizabeth, a program of one-on-one sessions is customized. 


This sacred program is a series of monthly initiations designed to fully embrace you as both a human and divine being. Each month we will focus on a specific aspect that unconsciously holds you back from experiencing the authentic loving relationships and life that your heart yearns for. 

Month 1

Reclaiming all of who you are and calling it good. Befriending and healing all the voices in your mind. 

  • Understanding the robes of distortion that you wear.

  • Knowing your allies. 


Month 2

Learning the power of your original wound in love. Healing your attachment style to transform the quality of your relationships.

  • Learning your attachment style and how it influences your attempts to connect with and develop intimacy with others. Healing your original wound in love to transform your attachment style.

  • Defining and practicing healthy boundaries.


Month 3

Releasing the energies you integrated from your family and culture that unconsciously run your life.

  • Identifying the judgmental and hurtful beliefs and attitudes in each area of your life that are limiting, and releasing them, using The Restructuring Wheel tool.

  • Redefining what love is. 


Month 4

Exploring and changing your roles and agreements.

  • Exploring what roles and agreements support your growth and wellbeing and releasing the ones that do not. The roles you have taken and agreements you have made, conscious or unconscious, are at the core of all your relationships.

  • Loving responsibly.


Month 5

Reconstructing your story.

  • A deep exploration of your life narrative and re-writing your story on your own terms. 

Our narratives are an integral part of our identity. Our personal narrative provides the frames of reference through which we see the world and become navigational tools which enable us to move from our past, present, and current experiences simultaneously. When our life narratives become fixed, the opportunity to experience something different in life is compromised as we can only see from our internal, and limited, reference frame (beliefs).

  • Revising boundaries with yourself.

  • Committing to the life your heart yearns for.



Month 6

Self-empowerment. Living centered in your full power.

  • An exploration of your unconscious beliefs about power through the Medicine Wheel “The Ring of Power” to help you define for yourself what is power, what is your power, and learn how to live from this center. 

A 6-month Group Program to create and deepen harmonious relationships

What you will receive

  1. Eighteen Online-Live Individual Assessment & Healing Sessions. 75-90 minutes

  2. Twenty-three custom made recordings of meditation or emotional freedom technique practices.
    The practices will support your releasing, healing, integration, and transformation processes.

  3. Six Shamanic rite-of-passage ceremonies at the completion of each milestone. 60 minutes

  4. All the worksheets you need for your meditation, reflection, and integration practices.

  5. Personal support in between sessions with Elizabeth to continue moving your energy to underpin your growth and transformation.

Choose a payment option

Select the plan that works best for you

  • 6 monthly payments

    Every month
    $10,800 total
    Valid for 6 months
  • Best Value - Save $1023

    Single payment

    Save $1023
    Valid for 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need special software or hardware?

To participate fully in video teachings, mentor groups, and practice group meetings, you need a webcam and computer headset.


What if I have a question?

We are here to support you along the way with any questions you may have about purchasing and accessing the course. For support, please contact us by email at Please add our email address to your safe email address list, to prevent replies landing in your Junk/Spam/Promotions folder.

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