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Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage is one of the most important events in our life. Most couples want a personalized and authentic ceremony that becomes an extraordinary, life-affirming experience for everyone.


From the moment you choose me as your celebrant, we work together to ensure your wedding ceremony is a singular experience that celebrates your uniqueness and your journey as life partners; a ceremony of transcendent unifying love that elevates you and your guests.

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Death of a Loved Pet:

Animals - sentient beings who warm our hearts - are beloved companions and an important part of our personal circles. Their departure is as difficult to bear as the death of a friend or family member. A ceremony to express gratitude and to honor your companion will help to facilitate a healthy grieving process for you.

Blessing Homes and Business:

Your home is your sacred space; a place where it is important to maintain a high level of positive energy. Negative energy can profoundly influence your health, creativity, relationships and career, so it needs to be routinely cast out of the spaces where you dwell. I use various ancient practices depending on your preferences and the different energies I sense. Negative energies can be dispelled and positive energies invoked through rituals using smudging, sacred waters, candles, burning sacred herbs and botanicals, drumming and more.


Other Celebratory Ceremonies:

Celebrating special events in life can encourage us, increase intimacy and provide a sense of finality. Celebratory ceremonies such as graduations, engagements, and family reunions among others, help us focus appropriately on important times and easily recall them, leaving us with wonderful memories. With reverence, I commune with you to design your special celebratory ceremony according to your vision and beliefs, and I will then preside over the ceremony.

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