Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Rites of passage are special rituals and ceremonies that mark the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new one. They honor our journey through life’s transitions, helping us transform, grow and prepare for the next phase of life. These ceremonies can be held in private or with the people you love. Based on your specific needs and desires, I create and conduct unique Rites of Passage Ceremonies for a variety of events.

Entering Puberty: Most ancient traditions understood the importance of the transition from childhood to puberty. Physical, mental and psychological changes are profound as the adolescent begins to develop independence and define who he or she is. A well-designed ceremony, in collaboration with the young person, will not only help your child but also your entire family to enter this stage with more grace. During the ceremony, you will be honoring your child’s individuality, while stating clear expectations and challenges. Participants will state their role and commitment, showing their depth of support and availability to the celebrated one.

Preparation for Conception, Pregnancy or Adoption: Preparing for pregnancy or adoption to be the best parent you can be are worthy and responsible actions. A preparation ceremony helps you identify physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics you already have and then commit to developing others that you will need in parenthood. It helps you sustain these commitments and create a supportive team. The ceremony will also prepare the physical, emotional and spiritual space where your child will reside, so that your new arrival will feel your loving energy calling and enter your family with great joy.

Conscious Parenting - Entering into the Role of Mother or Father: Often, we act the same way as our parents and other important people in our lives before us did. A ceremony to mark becoming a parent can help you enter this new role consciously and responsibly; defining your own values for what may be your most influential work in life; parenting. 

Naming Ceremony: A naming ceremony welcomes a child into your family and wider community and can take place at any age during your child’s life. The ceremony celebrates the unique personality of your child and encompasses your family’s values. You will need to choose guardians for your child who will participate in the ceremony, making a commitment to always look after the best interests of your child.

Sacred Divorce/Separation: One of the most difficult experiences in life is the end of a romantic relationship. During a relationship’s lifetime, we engage in many formal and informal rituals that come to define the couple. We also make conscious and unconscious commitments to our partner and to our relationship. Family, friends, and communities may have supported our relationship. An ending affects all these aspects and may bring suffering to others as well as the couple. A healing sacred ceremony marking the relationship ending, can help provide closure and conscious release, freeing you from commitments that are no longer appropriate for you both. It can also help you define new roles if your relationship is to continue in a different form.

Retirement: Through a formal job, you contribute to the world with your talents and skills and your occupation becomes an important part of your identity. A ceremony for retirement can help you re-define who you are, and how you will continue giving your gifts to the world.

Death of a Loved One: The departure of a loved one can be one of the most difficult things for us in life. A ceremony to honor the departed and celebrate their spirit facilitates healing for you, your family and the community, and the beginning of a new relationship with your loved one that transcends the physical realm.


Death of a Loved Pet: Animals - sentient beings who warm our hearts - are beloved companions and an important part of our personal circles. Their departure is as difficult to bear as the death of a friend or family member. A ceremony to express gratitude and to honor your companion will help to facilitate a healthy grieving process for you.


Blessing Homes and Business: Your home is your sacred space; a place where it is important to maintain a high level of positive energy. Negative energy can profoundly influence your health, creativity, relationships and career, so it needs to be routinely cast out of the spaces where you dwell. I use various ancient practices depending on your preferences and the different energies I sense. Negative energies can be dispelled and positive energies invoked through rituals using smudging, sacred waters, candles, burning sacred herbs and botanicals, drumming and more.


Other Celebratory Ceremonies: Celebrating special events in life can encourage us, increase intimacy and provide a sense of finality. Celebratory ceremonies such as graduations, engagements, and family reunions among others, help us focus appropriately on important times and easily recall them, leaving us with wonderful memories. With reverence, I commune with you to design your special celebratory ceremony according to your vision and beliefs, and I will then preside over the ceremony.