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What is Love? An Exploration through the Medicine Wheel

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Elizabeth Alanis LCSW and Shamanic Practitioner &

Love Into Wholeness TM

invite you to a

Sacred Healing Circle:

What is Love?

An Exploration through the Medicine Wheel

When: Sunday, June 25th, 2023 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Where: Deer Thicket Sanctuary, NW Greensboro, NC

Exchange: $95.00

PayPal: (718) 501-4944

Please join me as I lead you in this sacred circle. In the circle, we will use the wisdom of the Tri-Therapeutic Integration into WholenessTM tools (Medicine Wheels, Shamanic Healing and Depth Psychology) to explore our unconscious beliefs about love. The process will help you gain clarity as you begin to notice patterns of behavior and attitude in our relationships. You will then be able to make different behavioral choices, bringing greater harmony to your relationships.

We will use the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel (The Restructuring Wheel) to explore our beliefs about love. These beliefs, integrated in early childhood and stored in the unconscious, can result in us recreating painful experiences in our relationships. By bringing these beliefs to consciousness you can release, heal and transform them. We will also travel on a Shamanic Journey to unveil your original wound in love, which you be able to heal with compassion and self-love.

Benefits of attending this Sacred Healing Circle

· Gain insight into your unconscious beliefs about love.

· Become aware of your own relational patterns that are creating conflict and division in your relationships.

· Experience healing in your original love wound.

· Feel ready to choose new beliefs and behaviors that will bring harmony to your relationships.

For questions about this event please contact Elizabeth Alanis at



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