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Elizabeth Alanis and Terry Cole-Whittaker provide Spanish version of her bestselling book

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

A message from Terry Cole-Whittaker

Greetings Dear Spirit / Soul Divine Beings:

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we are able to offer a Spanish version of the bestselling book “What You Think of Me is None of My Business”. When I wrote the book, it was with the intention of helping others besides myself to stop allowing others to depower, insult, or cause me to fall into suffering, misery, and fear and even self-doubt and self-hatred, instead of empowering, enriching and helping me and others to be all that we are as divine beings with all godlike qualities, powers, and abilities. This is our basic challenge and opportunity.

This bestselling book is so valuable and necessary for every person that I have chosen Elizabeth Alanis, as the best teacher of Self-Empowerment and the message of What You Think of Me is None of My Business, because she used the book to empower herself and attain great heights of success in self-confidence, relationships, health, career, and prosperity. Because of who she is and her work as a licensed psychotherapist, counselor, mentor, coach, reverend and teacher of practical spiritual Truths. As Elizabeth has used this book to transform her life, she is the authentic messenger to convey this liberating and enriching message to the Spanish speaking community, worldwide.

Dr. Alanis received her honorary doctorate of Divinity from Adventures in Enlightenment to honor and celebrate her mastery and tireless work and dedication to help her students, clients, patients, and readers of this book to solve their problems and attain their highest evolution of what is possible in their lives.

With love,

Terry Cole-Whittaker Tsf, D.D. DHL

Visit Terry's site:

Download the free Spanish edition here: PDF / ePUB



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