Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness

Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness can take you into deep memory and reconnection to your authentic self - free from family and cultural consciousness, fear, guilt, self-confidence problems and dysfunction in relationships, health, finances, work, and all areas of life.

Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness is a wholistic way to return to wholeness through the integration of three individually effective, time-tested modalities:

  • traditional psychology

  • spiritual healing practices of the wisdom of the medicine wheels

  • shamanic healing


These modalities each have specific qualities, offering us a powerful range of options to combine in a way that uniquely suits the needs of your mind, spirit and body. This will offer you an experience that, for example, will help you transcend barriers that your mind puts up when you are wanting to break free from limitations. The experience takes into consideration how the brain operates. For example, the first barrier the brain puts up is often the logical mind – to fight against the intuitive mind. Many of us have limited our minds to accept only what is logical and tangible, as this is what we have seen society valuing. Consequently, we have learned to doubt our intuition and feelings and therefore have a limited understanding of life, events and relationships, which leads to needless struggle and suffering.