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Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness

Out of the pain and frustration of my slow journey towards wholeness grew a strong desire to make the journeys of my clients different – to make them swifter and more enjoyable-. So, I began to create my own modality of treatment –Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness™– integrating my professional training with my personal journey of over 30 years in psychotherapy, Medicine Wheels, and Shamanic Healing. 

​Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness™ will take you on the most important journey of your life: Loving yourself into wholeness, ending the disharmony with many parts of you that you feel like fear, guilt, low self-confidence, and disempowerment. Through this process, you will also create harmony in all areas of your life: relationships, health, finances, work, leisure, and the cosmos.

​Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness™ is a wholistic way to return to wholeness through the integration of three individually effective, time-tested modalities:​

·         depth psychology

·         shamanic healing

·         the sacred teachings of the wisdom of the medicine wheels showing you how to live a joyful life

These modalities each have specific qualities that help us go into the deepest roots of our wounds, from which the belief of separateness and aloneness was created and our suffering began. Most of these roots are not known to you, even if you have gained great awareness through traditional psychotherapy. When you have worked tenaciously and don’t experience the results you desired, this often indicates that the roots may be tethered to external sources that were passed onto you from your lineage, carried on from the collective consciousness, or imprinted in you from past lives. Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness™ addresses all these levels that traditional exploratory and healing methods ignore. Furthermore, it will help you see your wounds as your strengths, and part of the particular Sacred Medicine (healing) you bring to the world.

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