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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is not something done onto you, like medication or surgery. You are an active participant at all times. It educates and empowers you to use your innate healing abilities, it also facilitates deep transformational clearing of blockages and reconnects you with your inner power transforming and empowering your vibrational resonance.

Shamanic healing is an ancient way of reverting dis-ease, which is based in the spiritual wisdom and guidance of both the visible and the invisible spirits of life. It addresses the spiritual aspect of physical, emotional and mental lack of wellbeing.

The shaman’s way of life is centered on her/his connection with Divine Feminine as Mother Earth, Divine Masculine as Father Spirit, and all creation. In shamanism, all of creation has a spirit and a soul, and it is sacred. In the invisible realms, the shaman - or shamanic practitioner - is in communion with the Great Sprit that we all are part of, and with the sacred spirits of ancestors, great teachers, avatar masters, angels, and many other spirits according to their particular cultural inheritance.

In the visible realm, the shaman is also deeply connected with the spirits of Nature, such as the elementals, the earth, plants, rocks, crystals, and others. This intimacy with Nature is cultivated at all times through observation, direct experience and ceremony to revere and celebrate Life.

All the visible and invisible spirits guide the shaman - and the client - on journeys to restore balance. A shaman understands that balance and alignment within and with all things, is what creates our reality. When unbalances or misalignment manifest as illness – physical, mental, emotional, and in relationships - or blockages preventing movement in the desired direction, the shaman mediates between the visible (physical) and the invisible (spiritual) worlds through ceremony, helping individuals and communities to clear energetic blocks, healing and restoring balance and alignment within (body, mind, spirit) and with all creation.

Just as with any other healing practice, a shaman begins by assessing the affliction and the nature of it. A shaman’s work is deeply intuitive as she/he listens to the afflicted person and the Sacred Guides to know what tools and practices will work best for a particular person. A shaman works in alignment with nature and therefore uses tools such as drums, crystals, candles, feathers, and eggs, to determine the source and nature of the client’s unease or lack of wellbeing.

Click here to contact me with comments or questions about this blog In next week’s blog we will dive deeper – looking at conditions that shamanic healing can help you with.

With great love and best wishes,

Elizabeth Alanis



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