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The Power of Moon Ceremonies

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The moon is a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm and cycles of life. The moon cycle possesses sacred energies helping women with a deeper insight into their own natural rhythms and how their divine flow guides them to have greater control over their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It also helps us harness the full potential of our creativity, strength, and power.

Women’s Moon Ceremonies are a special place to make sense of the cyclical energies that influence us, to find clarity, and to connect with other women forming a sacred community. Through participating consistently in sacred ceremonial circles, women reach high levels of consciousness and wisdom that bring profound harmony to all their relationships.

Now more than ever there is a strong call from Life, to create communities supportive of our desire to create harmony in all our relationships. And it is important to begin creating harmony in our relationship with ourselves.

Love Into Wholeness™ is offering now a sacred ceremonial community for women and invites you to be part of these powerful Moon Ceremonies to transform your life. These sacred FREE LIVE ceremonies take place twice a month, at the New Moon and the Full Moon.

Every month at the New Moon we will listen to your deepest dreams, set our intentions, and plant the seeds of our future dreams, anchoring in the power of a sacred group that will hold our intentions through the entire month.

The Full Moon will be our time for grief work, shedding the past, and healing in preparation for the new cycle of creating our new life.

To be part of this Sacred Women’s Circle, follow this link and become part of our private Facebook group “Loving Ourselves into Wholeness”

With my deepest love,

Elizabeth Alanis,

Founder of Love Into Wholeness™



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