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Shamanic Journey for Empowerment at MINKA's Online Open House

Caring for and nurturing Self in every area is of paramount importance at this time. MINKA Brooklyn has prepared for you a full day Open House Free Online Event of wellness sessions and workshops. This is a love offering to ALL from many practitioners in the most diverse areas of self-care and healing.

I am honored to contribute by offering a shamanic journey where participants will deeply connect with a powerful ally who will be with them at all times.

Please register following this link:

My offering, “Shamanic Journey- Focus on Empowerment” will take place from 11:45 to 12:45 PM Eastern Time.

You can prepare to make the most out of this experience by:

· Secure that you will be in a private place where you will have no Interruptions. Preferably set a place where you can comfortably lie down.

· Turn off your computer, television, radio and any other sources of distraction

· Give yourself at least five minutes to open sacred space before this session. For instance, a simple altar with a candle, a very small container with water, paper, a pen and colors/crayons/pastels/markers.

· Be in the Zoom virtual space 5 minutes before

May I always live to serve you

K'an Coszcatl Zipactonal Precious Jewel of Harmonic Light



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