Initiation as a Shamanic Practitioner

September 8th was one of the most important days in my life. It was the day of the Sacred Initiation Ceremony when I was initiated as a Shamanic Practitioner. Standing here was the result of a long journey guided by a deep passion and commitment. Early in life, I felt the call to be a healer and I discovered my gifts to assist others’ healing, especially in the emotional area. That is why I became a psychotherapist. In this capacity, I frequently saw how emotional healing also alleviated physical ailments.

Embarking on Jungian psychology and spiritual studies, I became even more aware of the interrelatedness between all aspects of self: physical, emotional and spiritual. Furthermore, I knew in my heart that through spiritual alignment, all other aspects of self will regain balance, experiencing wholeness. A whole person is also deeply connected with everything in the world.

When I met my Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner Irma Star Spirit Turtle Woman, I knew that I had been guided to a most sacred path of healing: Shamanism. My teacher took me as her apprentice, and I embarked together with seven other students, in an intensive program where we learned to commune with Spirit, Nature and spirit guides, who provide guidance and solutions to any problem presented. In this journey, we became not healers, but the hollow bone through which Divine restores balance and health.

I have never felt more alive and grateful, for in doing the work of a Shamanic Practitioner I feel completely fulfilled.

Surrounded by Love, walking with my family around the Medicine Wheel to receive blessings from the Guardians of the Four Directions, Fire Keepers and our Teacher/Priestess


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