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7 Days of Ceremony to Transform Yourself

Why would you make time to be 7 days in Ceremony?

· Ceremony is the ideal vessel to hold the seeds of sacred transformation.

I know many of you deeply desire and are committed to YOUR TRANSFORMATION and I desire this to be a pleasurable and swift process for you. 7 days is a relatively short period in a lifetime, yet it is long enough for transformation.

5 days in Ceremony transformed me and my life forever

I was in California with my teachers Pele Rouge Chadima and FireHawk Hulin for my first Sacred Ceremony – a Winter Ceremony to Dream the Sacred Dream of my new Life. I left my cabin in the forest and began ascending to the common grounds where participants meet to begin their sacred journey. Halfway there an unusual tree caught my attention. After having grown vertically for a short period of time, as trees do, its trunk grew horizontally, and now it was heading upright again. My catholic upbringing triggered, and I began saying to myself: “Look, this tree is just like you. You began growing straight and then you went in the wrong direction, and now are trying to get up back again”. Well, there is hope!

I kept walking and reached the Sacred Circle where my teachers initiated us into the Dream Ceremony. When it was my turn to share my intention for the ceremony, I told them of the bent tree and how I felt it represented me aspiring to “become right” again. Pele said, “Oh! this is how you see yourself? We don’t see you that way! There is nothing wrong in you that needs to be fixed, and nothing twisted that needs to be straightened,” and her face showed genuine love, and also compassion intuiting that those beliefs had made my journey harsh. I had previously heard the same message from another teacher (who already made his transition) Jack Mattair, my professor and psychoanalyst, who would repeatedly say, “Elizabeth, how many times do I have to tell you? There is nothing wrong with you”. This time, though, it hit me as a lightning bolt! My body told me in its own beautiful language.

Through this experience I learned that the Sacred Vessel that holds our transformation is crucial for assisting our swifter process, and I have experienced Ceremony as the ideal vessel to hold and germinate the seeds of sacred transformation.

What is Ceremony?

Ceremony is consciously entering a non-ordinary dimension, leaving normal Cronos time (ruled by the clock) and entering into sacred Kairos time (timeless time in which past, present and future are together). In Ceremony we experience a different reality. We can view the past and present differently, enabling them to be healed and released, which transforms our story and our future. We can encounter ourselves, our journey, other humans and all the sacred energies of life. Ceremony helps us to awaken – to experience ourselves and all as sacred.

Is this really possible for all? Yes, it is. Those five days of Ceremony transformed my life forever. Before that time, I lived my life thinking everything is sacred. But when I was nested in the Sacred Forest, part of a Sacred Circle, and in Sacred Ceremony, the cataracts covering my eyes dissolved and I saw and experienced LIFE AS SACRED. I wish there were words to describe the luminosity of my surroundings. All I can say is that before, I saw plants, animals, water, fire and humans. Then all of a sudden, I saw sacred plants, sacred animals, sacred spirits of the forest, the sacred spirit of water, sacred spirits of humans and the sacred spirit that I AM.

Walk in Ceremony every moment, every day

Since then, my journey has been to walk in ceremony every moment of my day. Every moment and encounter is sacred. Ceremony has helped me transform my limited vision and capacity for understanding, and extend my love. It has also helped me transform relationships with my family, friends, clients, community and all the sacred energies of life.

This is why I have created a series of sacred ceremonies to help you transform your relationship with yourself in 7 days. YOU ARE SACRED! Gift yourself 60 minutes in Ceremony for 7 days to experience a gentle, joyful transformation.

Follow this link and Register NOW!

With my deepest love,

Elizabeth Alanis



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