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The quality of our relationships determines the level of fulfillment we experience in life. Even the quality of your relationship with your own self is important. If it has become fragmented, as you rejected or discarded parts of yourself along the way, the same brokenness will start to appear in your relationships with others and the world around you.

Finding Wholeness Again in Ourselves and Our Relationships is Possible


Only love can take us and our relationships back to Wholeness, and gently transform our pain and burdens such as feelings of being unloved, undervalued, and depleted after putting others’ needs before ours.


Through the unique Love Into Wholeness™ programs, you can learn to experience true love and relationships that are fulfilling, reciprocal and joyful by transforming the detrimental beliefs about relationships and love you integrated from your family and culture, and embodying your full power.


Why are Relationships Important in Life?

Relationships are the foundation of our wellbeing. The Harvard Study of Adult Development — the longest study ever to follow people’s happiness — reveals that the strength and quality of a person's relationships with others affects the health of their body and their brain throughout life, making life happy, fulfilling and meaningful.

“Our life is a testimony of what we believe love is. Our relationships are a reflection of our unconscious and real beliefs about love.” – Elizabeth Alanis


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