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Welcome to Love Into Wholeness

Only Love heals us and restores us to wholeness. Helping you love everything in you, to birth the YOU that your soul longs for.

Everything in life is about birth. You have been struggling and working so hard to birth the YOU that you yearn to be, and to live the life that your heart desires. Yet, you are stuck. Your segmented self can’t come into alignment with your desire, so fear, frustration and a sense of hopelessness sets in. The struggle is in not knowing how and not having the support to expand and open so you can break free and be born into your full power and wholeness.

I am Elizabeth Alanis, my life purpose is to be the midwife guiding and assisting individuals making the changes needed so they can be, do and have what their heart desires. After over twenty years of psychotherapy and alternative healing practice, Love into Wholeness came into being, to provide you with the support, structure and step by step guidance you need through all the stages of this very personal journey.

What you can expect

  • Feel grounded and confident when dealing with life’s challenges as you learn to tap into and trust your inner wisdom.

  • Experience a profound sense of wholeness, aliveness and joy as you learn to love and integrate all the parts of you that have been rejected. 

  • A deep sense of freedom, self-love and mastery as you reclaim your power by setting appropriate boundaries and re-negotiating old agreements that do not work for you.

  • A sense of expansion and authenticity as you overcome the fear of expressing your needs, values and expectations in relationship with others.

  • Experience reciprocal relationships that are genuinely loving and supporting.

  • Feel empowered, energized and fulfilled as you create a life of meaning and purpose that enriches you and the world.

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