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Summer Solstice

On June 20th, 2021, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year. The spiritual and energetic significance of the Summer Solstice is honoring and tapping into the energies of the Sacred Grandfather Sun. Those energies are fire, light, passion, and creativity which help us to manifest our dreams.

During the Winter Solstice, we traveled inwards working on releasing, healing and dreaming what we wanted to create in our next life cycle. Now the Summer Solstice energies motivate us to take the steps needed to manifest the dreams we planted as seeds during the Winter Solstice. This is the time for us to align with nature which is tending to the new offspring, by focusing on the most important desires and dreams and what we need to do to bring them to life.

In this process, it is important for us to not come from an ego-driven-masculine energy- to achieve goals, but rather from our heart -a feminine energy- and its deepest desires. When we are guided from our heart, our dreams of what we want to become, and the life our heart desires to live, all of life benefits from it and we experience deep satisfaction. When we create from the masculine goal achievement energy, we may obtain what we want but it will bring us short-lived satisfaction and at great cost to our health and relationships.

To receive the most help from the energies of the Summer Solstice, it is important to prepare ourselves with a clear desire and intention from our heart about the new we want to create. If you have not done so, take time to be in nature by yourself and ask your heart to dream the new you and the new life.

  • What patterns are you wanting to transform?

  • What do you want to experience instead?

  • What are the dreams you had as a young person that were put aside for the practicalities of life?

Take time to dream and visualize what you want and don’t allow the how to limit your vision. Write it down and ask that the steps are revealed to you. The most important thing is that you have a clear dream or desire that you will focus on.

Then holding a ceremony during the Summer Solstice helps you ignite your heart with the passion of fire, to focus your energy by committing to your most desired dream, and with opening the field of ideas and steps to take for its manifestation.

Holding your Summer Solstice Ceremony

The day of the Summer Solstice set up your altar, light your candle and call the energies of the Sacred Grandfather Sun to this ceremony. Honor these energies by acknowledging them in your life and the world. On a piece of paper write up to three things that you are committing to transform in you, to the be the person you need to be to experience the new life you want. An example could be that you will explore the real roots of your anger and will learn ways to manage it appropriately. Once you have written this commitment, write up to three actions you will take in that direction.

Speak these intentions aloud and ask for the blessings of the Spirit of Grandfather Sun and the support that you need. Close your ceremony by giving gratitude and have the papers with your intentions, things you are committing to transform and actions you will take on the altar and speak them aloud at least once daily until they are completed.

This is a simple yet powerful Summer Solstice ceremony that will propel and sustain your energy in creating the new life you desire.

It would be a great pleasure to hear your experiences with this ceremony and to be of support to you in the process of creating your new life. Please feel free to contact me:

All my love and best wishes,

Elizabeth Alanis

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge



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