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Defining and Embracing your Feminine Power - A Rite of Passage Ceremony

Limited to 5 participants - small exclusive ceremony

Presenter: Elizabeth Alanis

Date: Sunday August 11th

Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Place: Small venue - to be announced

Exchange: $75.00

Register: phone (718) 501-4944

Purpose: Reclaim and embrace feminine power, access wisdom and healing

You are invited to be celebrated and honored at a Sacred Rite of Passage Ceremony. We will explore Divine Feminine Power and will be fully informed of our birthright: Divine Connection with Spirit, our bodies, and the power of Creation. This ceremony will give you the chance to consciously access wisdom and healing, experiencing the transformation of your being.

At the outcome of this ceremony you will experience full connection to your womanhood, feeling happily embodied and centered in your power. At this intimate event – for only 5 women – we will hold a sacred and safe space together. I would ask you to be punctual out of respect for the other ladies.

Background: Once upon a time, women knew their power because they were taught at a young age how to relate to their body's potential and about the beauty and powers of being a woman. A woman would be honored and celebrated with a rite of passage for each of her life events.

Traditional rites of passage were present in most ancient matriarchal cultures across the planet. As matriarchal cultures were eliminated and replaced by patriarchal ones, we women lost contact with our feminine power by assimilating into ourselves hate and fear towards the Sacred Feminine, a point of view enforced on us as a means of control.

The time has come for women to reclaim their lost power. Many woman trying to reclaim it have been sidetracked into owning only their masculine power. For millennia, the lies we have heard about our bodies and the power that resides in them, have translated into confusion and self-loathing. The first step in reclaiming our power is to explore the Divine Feminine Power, following which we can embrace it as our own.

Do contact me at (718) 501-4944 to register and if you have any questions.

Defining and Embracing your Feminine Power - A Rite of Passage Ceremony



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