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About Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing...

  • addresses the spiritual aspect of physical, emotional and mental lack of wellbeing

  • educates and empowers you to use your innate healing abilities

  • facilitates deep transformational clearing of blockages

  • reconnects you with your inner power and transforms and empowers your vibrational resonance

Assessment/Healing sessions: Using tools such as drums, crystals, candles, feathers and eggs, we determine the source and nature of your unease or lack of wellbeing. The same elements will be used for healing after the assessment has been made. One or two sessions are often enough to restore balance, along with follow-up practices that you do at home. Following this, we sometimes need a more detailed session for soul retrieval or shamanic extraction.

Soul retrieval: Our souls can become fragmented and parts of the soul lost, usually due to trauma. The advantage of soul loss is to help make the trauma bearable at the time. As time goes on, though, we need to be restored to our vital essence, to avoid harm such as memory loss, difficulty with staying present, numbness, chronic depression, weakened immune system and chronic illness.  During a soul retrieval session we identify and bring back the parts of your soul that were lost, given, or taken away; fully restoring your vital essence.

Releasing Ceremonies: These are personalized and unique ceremonies designed to assist you with releasing guilt and shame related to past decisions, that consciously or unconsciously undermine the expression of your authentic self, abundance and happiness.

Shamanic extraction: Many people carry misplaced energy that is out of alignment with themselves and the environment.  The energy may come from disowned emotions or it may have been passed down from your society or from your ancestors. Misplaced energy stored in the body generates lack of wellbeing and difficulties in our lives. Shamanic extraction sessions help to locate and release the misplaced energy and replace it with healing energy.

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