Elizabeth Alanis of Love Into Wholesness
Love Into Wholeness Philosophy

I “can’t do”

You may have many reasons why living the life you desire is not possible for you. This is not your fault, because throughout your life you have heard, “You can’t be, you can’t do, and you can’t have that!” So, as most of us have, you have squeezed yourself into a tiny box of what is allowed or possible - handed to you by family and society. It is not their fault either; they are also struggling in their own boxes. 

Most likely you have tried to break free with limited results, leaving you frustrated and convinced of your inability to change your life. Yet, here you are, because the call of your soul to live the life of your dreams is stronger than your previous disappointments. 

How could your therapeutic journey be different this time?

I would be asking that question too because I made many attempts on my slow journey towards wholeness. Out of the pain and frustration of my efforts grew a strong desire to make the journeys of my clients different – to make them swifter and more enjoyable. So, I began to create my own new modality of treatment – Tri-Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness – integrating my professional training with my personal journey of over 30 years in psychotherapy, Medicine Wheels, and Shamanic Healing.