Love Into Wholeness Philosophy

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.”

- Carl Gustav Jung

Although we are born whole and perfect, we soon learn that to be accepted by our family and society we need to disown parts of us that others believe are bad or that cause them discomfort – not only the negative parts of us that could hurt others; but also, the positive and wonderful parts that others envy and are resentful of. This is how we learn to dim our light and to hide our darkness. We separate from our genuine selves and create personas that are unauthentic yet accepted and validated by the world. We bury these parts of us we rejected in our unconscious and fabricate stories about ourselves and the world. This develops into painful patterns that limit us, attracting more of what we don’t want into our lives. 


Love into Wholeness helps you return to your nature. Your nature is like a tree. A seed pushes up to become a mighty tree just the same as you strive to become what you were born to be. What each of us strives for is to be a whole, happy, self-fulfilled person; able to form and sustain deep reciprocal honoring relationships. Our way back to wholeness starts by working within to retrieve lost parts of our souls, reconnect with life’s essence, unblock the flows of emotional and physical energy, and restore our innate power to see our heart’s desires manifest. 


Love into Wholeness was created to support you in the journey to experience true happiness. It is a path to reconnect with all the disowned parts of yourself and with your power. It offers the foundation, knowledge and skills that you need to make the most courageous choice you can ever make: surrendering to the calling of your soul to embrace all of who you are to be whole again.