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Elizabeth Alanis of Love Into Wholesness
Love Into Wholeness Mission

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries”

                                                                                                                                Carl Gustav Jung


Separation is something we began creating early in life. Our parents thought us that there are parts of us that are good and parts of us that are bad. As they rejected the “bad” in us, we began the attempts to get rid of, or kill those parts of self. Our parents acted that way pressed by society, which dictates what is acceptable and thus, lovable in us and what was to be hated and cast away. This is how we began to live in the pain of disharmony. First disharmony with ourselves, and then with others and the world.

Our parents meant well, they believed this was the way to become a good and successful person. But how is it working for you and the world? The result of our personal and collective fear, hate, and rejection of vital and magical parts of ourselves manifest as addictions; mental, emotional, and physical illness; lives driven to achieve goals that the world values; or as a zombie like existence. All these only to discover that the void inside remains.

We forgot that we are powerful now, just as we are, and we contribute to creating our society, not the other way around. We can change the values of our culture for it to support wholeness rather than disconnection and brokenness. The most courageous choice we can ever make, is surrendering to the calling of one’s soul to embrace everything in us and be whole again.

Love Into Wholeness™ was created to support you in this journey back to wholeness and true happiness. This journey is not about trying to adjust the world to our needs and desires. Rather, in this journey you:


  • Will meet, heal and embrace all parts of you

  • Will get to dream the new you and your new life, and

  • You will bring all parts of you in alignment so you can be, do and have what your heart most desires.

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