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Dear soul:

Thank you for taking the time to explore further. Inner work can be challenging, as we often cannot see our own blocks or how we self-sabotage our fulfillment, evolution, inner peace and deep delightful joy. From my years of working one on one with individuals and groups, it is my fervent experience that breakthroughs and transformations only occur after a skillful assessment in order to correctly analyze the issue, just like a doctor needs to diagnose an illness before prescribing a course of treatment.


During my 20 plus years of experience, I developed great expertise to see clearly all the diverse elements working at different levels, which can be the source of a person’s self-limitation and unease. To determine what is the best way to be of service to you, the first step in our work together will be an in-depth assessment session.

The following list serves as a reference of the price range of my shamanic and ceremony experiences. Please keep in mind that only after an assessment can you know what is most suitable for you in order to achieve your objectives.​

On-Line Shamanic Healing Experiences

In-Depth Assessment and Healing sessions: $195.00

75 minutes

Additional healing sessions: $ 155.00

60 minutes

Healing sessions including cutting cords, or shamanic extraction, or soul retrieval: $235.00

90 minutes

Advance payment is required via Zelle or PayPal. 


Energetic Cleansing and Benediction of Homes and Business 


Packages starting at $525.00 and include:


  • Consultation and assessment

  • A uniquely tailored ceremony to address your specific needs, intentions, and vision for your home or business.

  • Your ceremony officiated at your selected location

  • Customized Talisman(s) for protection and prosperity attraction 


Ceremonies Tailor-Made For You 

Wedding Packages starting at $1,150.00 and include:

  • Initial Consultation

  • A Detailed Ceremony Questionnaire

  • Professional and Individually crafted ceremony scripting

  • Regular reviews and revisions

  • Unlimited e-mail contact throughout the process

  • Your Ceremony officiated by your Celebrant at Your Selected Location

  • Ceremony Certificate

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