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Sat, Oct 22


Online Event

7 Days of Ceremony to Lovingly Transform Yourself

FREE Series of Ceremonies to Deeply Nurture each Part of You

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7 Days of Ceremony to Lovingly Transform Yourself
7 Days of Ceremony to Lovingly Transform Yourself

Time & Location

Oct 22, 2022, 1:00 PM EDT – Oct 28, 2022, 2:00 PM EDT

Online Event


About the event

                                                          “7 Days of Ceremony to Lovingly Transform Yourself”

                                                                  October 22nd to 28th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM ET

Love Into Wholeness Invites you to Experience the 7-day transformative power of Ceremony in your life now, by leading Shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist Elizabeth Alanis.

You know this is for you if: 

In your commitment to your transformation, you have tried everything! Psychotherapy, self-help books, coaching, seminars and more. You have relentlessly worked on “changing what is wrong with you and with your life” and after all your efforts, you are feeling exhausted, frustrated and stuck.

Been there, done that myself until I dived into the sacred power of Ceremony that helped me embrace and love everything in me. From thinking “there is something wrong with me, with others, and with my life that I must change” I shifted to EXPERIENCING the goodness of myself and life, then my transformation occurred naturally and swiftly.

In Sacred Ceremony I also awaken to the realization that I already have all that I need to live the life my heart desires, and that I am guided and supported by all the Sacred Energies of Life -you may call them Angels, Spirit Animals, Ancestors etc.- Developing a sacred relationship with these Sacred Spirits, has dispelled my belief that I had to work hard and on my own to feel I am in charge of my destiny and to have the life I desire. Now I feel guided, supported, and serendipitous events take me where my heart desires. And it is my deepest desire that your transformation journey becomes a pleasurable and swift process for you too.

This series of sacred ceremonies are designed to help you transform your relationship with yourself in 7 days.  Gift yourself the juicy joy of living your best life now- YOU ARE SACRED and Deserve it.

                                                             With simple daily Sacred Ceremonies, you can:

  • Recognize the sacredness of YOU and enhance the reverence with which you treat yourself and allow others to treat you
  • Learn to listen to the wisdom of each one of your  bodies: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual
  • Create 15-minute daily ceremonies that will bring deep nurturance to each one of your sacred bodies
  • Develop deep groundedness in self-love to make decisions without guilt for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Take the first step into this gentle transformation and join me for my FREE Online event “7 Days of Ceremony to Lovingly Transform Yourself”

Here is what you get when you sign up:

  • 7-part LIVE Ceremonial Series:  Join me each day for a powerful 60-minute ceremony that will deeply nurture you and help you experience authentic self-love.
  • LIVE Feedback and Support:  Complete your daily practice given after each training and receive valuable feedback from  me
  • A printable workbook that will walk you through this entire process
  • Exclusive Facebook Group:  all of the feedback and interaction happens in my exclusive Facebook Group specifically for those wanting to transform their relationships with themselves, others, and the world.

                                 Invite a friend (or several) to join this event to elevate your intention and power.

                                                   YOU ARE WORTH INVESTING THIS TIME IN YOURSELF!

                                                                                             MEET ELIZABETH

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Alanis, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Shamanic Practitioner, student and guide in the Wisdom of The Medicine Wheel, and a Transformational Life Coach. I will be your guide for “7 Days of Ceremony to Lovingly Transform Yourself”

My entire life, I have been driven by the unrelenting desire to be authentically me and expand the box of what I was told was possible for me. 33 years ago I began the return journey to my true sacred self, to claim the life my soul could not give up. My transformation journey was slow and often frustrating. During the first part of my journey, I bent myself to please others as this was the only way I knew in my trying to fulfill my desire to belong. In the second part, I engaged in battles, injuring myself and hurting relationships beyond repair. Then I realized the goodness of the power that has always resided in me and I need not fight for it, as my power is Love. Most importantly, I learned to use every experience in my life, especially my wounds, shadow aspects, and challenges, as the catalysts for transformation.

As I journeyed towards wholeness, I developed expertise in treatments that really work. First, I tried psychotherapy as a patient, then as a psychotherapist.  I dived deep in different schools of treatment as each one offers particular ways to address the dis-ease and challenges we experience in our lives. The wisdom I received from these modalities of treatment helped me expand my box tremendously yet, in some areas, I was still stuck. Left with unresolved issues deriving from generational, collective consciousness, and past lives’ imprints, I integrated spirituality as a crucial element in my healing. Finding the wisdom of the Medicine Wheels and Shamanic Healing as the most very powerful ways for me to return to wholeness.

As I began integrating these three healing modalities with my clients, I created Tri- Therapeutic Integration into Wholeness, a unique and completely individualized approach to assist my clients in the journey to love and integrate every part of themselves, resolve all the conflicts in their relationships with self, others and the world to experience the life their heart has always desired.

                                                                        What Others are Saying About Elizabeth

Elizabeth helped me navigate a very difficult phase in my life. When my marriage of 28 years was ending, she guided me into healthy mourning that led me to see how I had abandoned myself in an attempt to avoid being abandoned! Since the first session, I felt Elizabeth’s love and empathy. I felt supported and guided in the sacred work to recover my essence, my voice and create a life of peace and joy.

Celeste, T.

Working with you has been the most liberating experience of my life! I spent half of my life in a cage believing my mother had the key and will never open the door for me. You helped me cut the cords OF MY OWN HOLDING! This opened so much space in me to invite the new. I can’t believe that in less than a year I moved to a new city, I love my new job and I am giving myself a long vacation in Hawaii. This would not have been possible if I had not invested in myself entering your 12-month transformational program.

Thank you, Elizabeth

Andrea B

My deepest gratitude Elizabeth, for lovingly guiding me in this sacred journey to love myself. You helped me not only to face the truth I did not want to see. You helped me stand in the power of my heart and lovingly uncouple from my husband. But the most important thing is, that I uncoupled from my history of pain and submission. I uncoupled from a lifetime of self-abandonment and recreating situations of abuse and neglect. I uncoupled from the beliefs of my culture that kept me captive. I uncoupled from pain”

Merle N

                                                                           “What if I can’t attend the live calls?”

We strongly recommend that you request access to my exclusive Facebook Group “Loving Ourselves Into Wholeness” following this link:

All of the feedback and interaction happens in this group and you will have access to the recordings and workbook here too!


  • 1 hour

    Day 1: Ceremony as the optimal container for a profound and graceful transformation: Seeing you and life as sacred

  • 1 hour

    Day 2: Creating balance within. The Medicine Wheels as a diagnostic and balancing tool.

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